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Useful Dates and Payment Links

With the 31st January deadline fast approaching I thought it could be useful to share some important dates and payment links.

Personal Tax Return

Deadline for submission of tax return and payment of tax - 31st January following the end of the tax year in question. Information on how to make the payment can be found here - don't forget to use your personal UTR as reference.

Statutory Accounts and Corporation Tax Returns

Submission of the accounts to Companies House and corporations tax return and payment to HMRC is 9 months after the company year end. Use the company UTR as reference on the payment.

Monthly Payroll

Submissions of the FPS need to be made to HMRC on or before the payment date (in our case payment to employees is on the last Friday of the month - so submissions are made on the last Thursday of each month). PAYE needs to be paid either monthly/quarterly depending on the size of the company, and should reach HMRC before the 22nd of the month following the period end. Use your accounts office reference number as a reference for the payment.

Quarterly VAT

Submission of the VAT return (now via MTD) and payment is due 1 month and 7 days after the quarter end. Use your VAT registration number as reference when making the payment.

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